Coming from abroad, you can reach UNIST via the Seoul Incheon International Airport by bullet train or limousine bus, or via Busan Gimhae International Airport . Because the campus is not near a train station or major bus stop, please take a taxi for the last mile.

From Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station

(For more information on Seoul Airport, please refer to the Airport Website)

Bullet Train

Option 1. Bullet Train (strongly recommended) -> Download instructions

Step 1. Incheon AirportSeoul Station → Ulsan Station→ UNIST
After arriving at Incheon International Airport, go down to floor B1F and proceed to the Train Station. At the station, buy a ticket for Seoul Station. The airport express train (AREX) is faster and more comfortable that the subway connection but runs less often. Best ask the staff for the most convenient connection. For more details, see:

Station Cost Traveling Time
Terminal 1 Adult: 9,000 ₩
Child: 7,000 ₩
43 min
Terminal 2 Adult: 9,000 ₩
Child: 7,000 ₩
51 min

Step 2. Incheon Airport → Seoul StationUlsan StationUNIST
When you arrive at Seoul Station, go up to the ticket office on the 1st floor. Buy a bullet train (KTX) ticket for Ulsan. Take your train at the designated platform written on your ticket. Find the correct train car and seat as marked on your ticket.

Departure Time Cost Traveling Time Arrival Station
5:15 am to 10:30 pm
(approx. 30-min intervals)
53,500 ₩ 2h, 20 min 울산, 통도사역
Ulsan, Tongdosa

Step 3. Incheon Airport → Seoul Station→ Ulsan StationUNIST
When you arrive at the Ulsan Train Station, take a taxi to UNIST (울산과학기술원).

Cost Traveling Time Arrival Place
Approx. 8,000 ₩ Approx. 10min UNIST

Limousine Bus

Option 2. Limousine (Intercity) Bus. -> Download instructions

You can also take a limousine bus from Incheon Airport to Ulsan. Please note that the bus ride takes much longer than the bullet train connection.

Cost Traveling Time Arrival Place
Approx. 59,500 ₩ Approx. 5h, 30min Ulsan Bus Terminal
(take taxi to UNIST)

Busan Gimhae

The Busan Gimhae Airport is 60 km from UNIST, but offers a limited number of international connections. From Gimhae you can take a limousine bus to Ulsan and proceed to UNIST by taxi. A direct taxi from the airport to UNIST costs approx. 60,000 ₩

Option 3. Limousine (Intercity) Bus from GimHae Airport(Busan) -> Download instructions

Cost Traveling Time Arrival Place
Approx. 8,800 ₩ Approx. 1h Ulsan Bus Terminal
(take taxi to UNIST)